Water Blocker & retention system - Suitable for Bathroom and Kitchen.

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    • Great for curbless showers and other areas where water needs to be contained.
    • Self-adhesive, easy to install and micro-magnetic.
    • It has a long and flexible design that can create all sorts of shapes.
    • Material: Silicone.
    • Package Includes: 1 x Water Barrier Bathroom Water Blocker.
    water stopper bathroom

    Water Barrier Bathroom Water Blocker

    This water barrier is excellent to use in your bathroom, especially in your shower area. When you don’t have any partition in your bathroom, you can use this barrier for that. Well, it can help you a lot so you can contain the water in a certain area. You don’t want your floors to get wet every time you take a shower. Then it will be dangerous if you step on it when you don’t have any anti-slip mats. So for your curbless showers, it’s better if you use this water blocker for that. There are other areas in your bathroom that you have to keep it dry and clean. Don’t wait for an accident to happen and use this water barrier for your home.


    Practical and Convenient To Use

    If there are certain areas at home where waters need to be contained, get this water barrier for that. If you have no partitions in your bathroom area, then no problem! This barrier is practical and convenient to use. Thus it can help you save on your space, and you can confidently shower without wetting other areas. Moreover, you can also use it for your kitchen sink. Don’t let water sprinkles annoy you every time you wash your dishes. When you put it around your sink, then it can help contain water. Above all, when you step on it, it won’t hurt your feet because of its soft material.


    Easy To Install and Micro-Magnetic

    This water barrier is self-adhesive, easy to install, and micro-magnetic. It has a flexible design where it can create all sorts of shapes. With it, you can use it easily and apply it to your home. Before you start installing it, make sure that you wipe off the water and dust on the ground.


    collapsible shower threshold water dam