This Tether Holds Your Wine Glasses Upright In The Dishwasher

This Tether Holds Your Wine Glasses Upright In The Dishwasher

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    The worst part about drinking wine at home is getting your wine glasses to be properly cleaned in the dishwasher. It's damn near impossible to keep the wine glasses sitting upright so they don't tip over, otherwise, they're pretty much laying on their side the entire time the dishwasher is running, thus not getting cleaned. Plus if they tip over mid-wash, it could damage the glass. This dishwasher wine glass tether attaches to your wine glass's stem to keep the wine glass from tipping over through the dishwasher's washing cycle. Simply snap the tether to your wine glasses stem, and then jam the other end of the tether, which is hollow, into one of the prongs that stick up on your dishwasher's rack.

    The wine glass tether is flexible so you can bend it into shape to fit any sized wine glass as well as oddly shaped dishwasher racks. The tether comes only in purple, comes in a pack of 4 tethers, and each tether measures 6.75 inches long. Not only can the tether be used to hold up wine glasses, but they can really be used for any stemmed glassware that you might need to put into the dishwasher.


    Material: Silicone
    Size: Each tether measures 6.75 inches long
    Color: Purple
    Package: Pack of 4 tethers