This Genius Self-Balancing Colander Dumps Water, But Keeps Food Upright

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    What's the worst part about rinsing your fruit or vegetables in a bowl? Trying to dump the water out while keeping your food from dropping out and into the dirty sink. Someone had clearly had enough of this issue, so they invented this genius auto-balancing colander that allows you to dump the used water out of your bowl while keeping all of your food steady and safe from falling in.

    It's called the 3-in-1 Water Saving Balanced Colander, It works as a colander, a serving bowl, as well as an easier way to defrost meats and other frozen foods. The colander part can be removed to use the bowl to eat or serve from. The colander can also hold your meats up and let the melted water go below so it doesn't make a mess or soggy your foods.

    The self-balancing colander has a handle on the back of the device where you can easily control and tip the outer bowl to dump the water. Using rotating handles on the ends of each side of the colander, the inner bowl will always stay level, keeping your foods safe from falling into the sink and re-dirtying your fruits or veggies.

    Since you can rinse your fruits and veggies by standing them in water without worry of spilling them when you dump the water back out, you can save water by not keeping them under running water for large amounts of time. They say you can save around 950 gallons of water per year by using the auto-balancing colander, compared to leaving them under running water.

    Not only great for rinsing fruits and vegetables, the self-balancing colander is also great for rinsing pastas and noodles, beans, peas, corn, lentils, rice, wheat, and more. Once your done rinsing your foods, you can then remove the colander from the bowl and use it as a serving bowl for salads, pastas, and more.



    Material: PP
    Package: Double fruit basket
    Size: 23*10cm/9.05*3.93''