This Fire-Breathing Dragon Night Light Belongs In Every Dragon-Loving Kids Bedroom

This Fire-Breathing Dragon Night Light Belongs In Every Dragon-Loving Kids Bedroom

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    If your kid is like mine, chances are he loves dragons and dinosaurs, and really just can't stop talking about them. So when it comes to a nightlight in his room, you better believe he would want a glowing fire-breathing dragon as a lamp instead of a boring teddy bear or puppy dog light. Thankfully, a dragon nightlight exists, and it looks pretty awesome actually! It's called the 3D Fire-Breathing Dragon Night Light, and it breathes a plume of fire which is the part that's illuminated.

    When turned on the dragon night light glows red and turns the surrounding walls and area a fiery orange, thus turning your Child's bedroom into a dragon's den! It features a big dragon that hovers above a giant plume of smoke, which features a small lightbulb on the inside of the smoke plume which illuminates your entire room.

    The fire-breathing dragon night light can be powered by both a micro-USB power cord or by battery. This way if your child loves it that much they can play with it in bed without having to fuss with a power cord. When on battery mode, the night light will last around 6-10 hours, and the battery will take around 2-3 hours to fully charge when plugged in.

    The dragon night light is 3D printed from a PLA material, features an invisible on/off switch on the bottom of the lamp, has a charge-port on the end of the smoke plume for easy charging, and measures 7.9 inches long x 4 inches tall.



    Material: 3D printed from a PLA material
    Size: 7.9 inches long x 4 inches tall


    • 1* 3D Printing LED Night Light
    • 1*USB Charging cable
    • 1* User manual