This All-In-One Toddler Toilet Trainer Has a Built-In Step Ladder

This All-In-One Toddler Toilet Trainer Has a Built-In Step Ladder

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    As children grow their toys and activities change  - have you ever thought about how a child's potty needs change as they grow too? You will likely start with one of those portable potty chairs that sit on the floor because the child can easily sit on them. But what do you use when the child is 3 or 4 or 7? They are too big to continue using that portable potty, but they are still too short to easily access a regular toilet...enter the all-in-one toddler toilet trainer with step ladder. This toilet trainer will allow your child to confidently use the toilet safely and independently.

    The all-in-one toilet trainer comes with a ladder to allow easy and safe access to the toilet for your toddlers and small children. It has a universal design that will fit standard height toilets (14" to 16.1" from floor to toilet bowl seat) and will work with all toilet shapes, except square toilet bowls. Made of high-quality PP, it can hold up to 165 lbs. A special feature of this toilet trainer is the pee-catcher for boys.


    Why Use A Toilet Trainer With A Step Ladder?

    Some may be wondering why not just put a small bench next to the toilet for your child to use? Because those can slip away and cause injury. This toilet trainer has a ladder with non-slip feet to ensure it stays in place. With this non-slip ladder, your child can get onto and off the toilet easily and safely because the ladder will not slip out of place. The ladder step can adjust to two heights to allow the toilet trainer to grow with your growing child. The ladder also includes sturdy handles to hold on to on the way up/down and while sitting for even more safety and security.


    How Easily Can You Detach This Toilet Trainer?

    Your child isn't the only one who needs to use the toilet so an ability to easily attach and remove the toilet trainer is a must! This toilet trainer easily folds down making it easy to store when not in use. It can even be hung on the back of your bathroom door to keep it out of site.


    What About Comfort?

    When it comes to going, some can break records with how quickly they are in and out of the bathroom...they've got things to do and can't be wasting time sitting on the john. Others like to treat the bathroom like a mini-vacation and take their sweet time - toddlers will fall into both categories as well so why not make going as comfortable as possible for them. This potty trainer comes with a comfortable padded seat to make sure their tushies stay comfy even if they want to sit around for a while.



    Color: Blue+Green
    Material: Plastic
    Package Dimensions: 25.9 x 14.7 x 4 inches
    Item Weight: 5.19 pounds