Soft Padded Toilet Seat Covers

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    We all want a warm toilet seat when we sit down, yet somehow sitting down on a toilet after a stranger warmed it up for us almost induces vomiting, so what gives? Sure, we saw plenty of padded toilet seats back in the 80's and 90's, but they weren't removable to wash, and they just got nasty and worn out after a while. Well, these new toilet seat covers turn your cold hard toilet seat into a place of luxury by making it super soft, super warm, and it even gives your bathroom a burst of color depending on your color choice.

    What it is, is a stretchy donut-shaped super soft fabric that wraps around practically any kind or shape of the toilet seat., thus giving your tushy the most comfortable soft, and warm experience each time you sit down to use the toilet. They come in either solid or dual color tones depending on how you'd like to match the look and design of your bathroom.

    The fabric toilet seat covers are of course fully removable and easily washable. It might also be a great idea to grab two of them for each toilet you want them on, this way you'll have a backup cover while the other is in the wash. The super-soft toilet seat covers are made from Acrylic and spandex, have an 11.8-inch diameter opening in the center, though the entire cover can stretch up to 23.6 inches in length.




    Material: acrylic and spandex
    Product Size: 11.8-inch diameter (though the entire cover can stretch up to 23.6 inches in length.)
    Weight: 70g
    Package: 1 x toilet seat cover