Pet Hair Cleaner With Self-Cleaning Base

Pet Hair Cleaner With Self-Cleaning Base

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    Some animals get their fur on everything, your clothes, the couch, your bedding, and more. I'm looking at your dogs and cats. Actually, I'm looking around my home. Yuck. The Pet Hair Cleaner is here to help. It's an extra-large brush that works like a lint-roller and will help you get that pet hair off of anything and everything.

    The Pet Hair Cleaner picks up fur and hair easily and conveniently cleans itself when you dip it into the self-cleaning base that makes the fur, hair, and lint that gets stuck to it magically disappear. Where does it go? No one really knows. I think it's magic!

    Because it's double-sided, the Pet Hair Cleaner cleans up those messes quickly, in half the time. This handy tool will have you lint-free, fur-free, and feeling great.

    Pet fur is full of allergy-causing dander, so the cleaner your home is, the easier you will breathe. This tool uses its thousands of micro bristles to grab tons of fur and fuzz.

    When cleaning the brush off using the self-cleaning base, more micro bristles in there will grab onto the fur again and clean your brush. That's a pretty genius way for a lint tool to work. When you pull it back out of the base, it will be free from all fur, and ready to use again immediately afterward.

    To empty all of that fur from the base, just remove the base clip and empty it in the trash can. So unlike normal lint rollers and fur catchers, it can be reused again and again without the need to buy replacement rolls.

    The purchase even comes with a travel size which is essentially just a mini version of the Pet Hair Cleaner that you can pack into a bag or purse for cleaning up fuzz or fur while on the go.



    Material: ABS
    Size(cm): 32 x 7.5
    Package: 1 x Pet Hair Cleaner