Ice Cube Maker: Replaces 10 Ice Cube Trays

Ice Cube Maker: Replaces 10 Ice Cube Trays

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    No one likes having to continuously refill ice cubes every time you grab a few out.  For those that don't have ice makers in their fridge, getting an ice-cold beverage can be more of a hassle than it's worth. Though the Ice Cube Maker looks to change this! It's a device that essentially replaces 10 of your ice cube trays, and takes up a fraction of the space that those 10 trays would take up.

    How the Ice Cube Maker works is, you simply fill the outer edge with water, and once frozen, just push and squeeze on the Ice Cube Maker and let the ice fall into the center of the container. You can then refill and re-freeze it up to 3 different times to hold over 120 ice cubes.

    No more need to take up half your freezer space with dirty ice cube trays, the Ice Cube Maker even closes with an air-tight lid to keep your ice from getting dirty or stinky. Plus, the lid prevents the Ice Cube Maker from spilling in the freezer.

    Not only can the Ice Cube Maker make and hold a ton of ice, but it can also be used as a giant koozie to keep your large bottles chilled. Just slip in a bottle of soda, wine, water, or beer into the center of the Ice Cube Maker to keep them chilled for hours. It even can hold an entire pint of ice cream.

    • Holds up to 120 ice cubes
    • Replaces 10 ice cube trays
    • Saves a ton of space in your freezer
    • Has an air-tight lid
    • Is dishwasher safe so it's super easy to clean when it needs it
    • Is made using safe, BPA-free materials
    • Can quickly chill bottled beverages in the center
    • Gives you enough ice for your whole party



    Material: Made with Safe, BPA-FREE materials
    Package: 1pc x Ice Cube Maker
    Color: Blue