Heating pad for deep heat therapy (US Plug)

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    Strained your back during exercises? Weekend home projects taking their toll on you? or just had a long, hard day at work?

    Our new heating pad provides deep, soothing moist heat to soothe aches, tension, and pain. It also helps promote blood circulation and reduce muscle spasms and stiffness.

    Get targeted high-level heat therapy to specific areas such as the back, arms, legs, knees, abdomen, and shoulder, for pain relief where you need it most.

    Crafted from premium materials with attention down to the tiniest details. 100% satisfaction guarantee!

    Suitable for men and women, and the elderly.


    Safety Approved UL/CE Certified - No more worrying about defective and harmful devices! Our heat wraps are independently tested and UL/CE Certified. If for any reason you are not satisfied, our team will be glad to assist you.

    We use imported high-quality carbon fiber heating wire, it can produce far-infrared wave (FIR), a type of heat that is the same as the sun rays, it can penetrate into the human cellular more deeply and safely, helpful for stimulation blood circulation, increasing cell repair and releasing of endorphins (your body's natural analgesic)

    Our carbon fiber nanotechnology:
    - Heats up your body, and not the pad.
    - Puts beneficial heat deep under the skin and into the muscles.
    - No burning or scalding sensations, just soothing healing warmth.

    Smart Features - Maximum temperature level is 150° F / 65° C. The controller contains 6 heat settings.

    There’s a digital LCD display with a temperature readout. with an electric US plug.


    Auto-off Timers & Stay On - The heating pad features a 22 Auto-off range from 0.5-12H, offering more timer options while avoiding excessive heating and energy waste. With the Stay on mode, it will heat continuously without shutting off, providing uninterrupted relaxation.


    Hands-Free & Flexible - This flexible wearable heating pad stays in place for hands-free convenience with an adjustable strap.

    The adjustable strap support 65 inches to 16 inches. So it can easily be around your multiple body parts, such as shoulder, waist, legs, arms, abdomen, joints, providing targeted pain relief.


    Machine Washable - Keep the heating pad looking beautiful for years to come - just detach the heat controller panel to wash. (Make sure the product is completely dry prior to use).




    Material - Crystal Ultra Soft.
    Weight - 0.35kg.
    Heating Element - Carbon Fiber Heating Wire.
    Safety - Overheating protection system (Approved UL/CE Certified).
    Voltage - 100-120V / 50-60Hz.
    Power - 35W.
    Plug - US Plug.
    Size - 7.5 * 16 inch.