Gardener's 2-In-1 Grafting Tool Does Both Pruning and Grafting

Gardener's 2-In-1 Grafting Tool Does Both Pruning and Grafting

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    If you have the need to prune and graft in your garden and have two different gardening tools to do so, you're living in the past. This new Gardener's Grafting Tool does both the grafting and the pruning all in one simple use tool. Not only does it allow you to carry around fewer tools, but it'll also make your work get done faster and more efficiently.

    The grafting part of the tool is able to graft plant twigs that have a diameter of 0.2 inches to 0.55 inches and comes with three replacement grafting blades that can make precision and clean cuts onto the twigs.

    The pruning part of the 2-in-1 gardening tool is great for removing useless twigs, stems, and branches. Plus you'll never even have to switch tools since they'll both always be in your hand.

    The Garden Grafting and Pruning Tool Kit is made with ABS plastic handles, blades that are made from high carbon steel, and are treated for durable sharpness.



    Material: is made with ABS plastic

    • Gardener's 2-In-1 Grafting Tool * 1
    • Blade * 3 (one of them is mounted on it)