Dog Wheelchair (Small, Medium, Large) for back legs.

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    Are you looking for a pet wheelchair that gives your pet dog maximum comfort and mobility?

    All pets, regardless of their conditions. They deserve to move and walk around freely. We know you agree too, it pains us to see some of our furry friends suffering from their disabilities.

    With specially designed Dog Wheels, your beloved pet will be able to walk, run, play, and roam the same way other pets do. Our Dog Wheelchair gives your best friend the happy, healthy life they deserve. Dogs can perform their daily duties and enjoy quality time with the family in comfort with our pet wheelchairs.

    Our Pet Dog Wheelchair Rehabilitation allows your dogs with injured forelegs, injured hind legs, or disabled/paralyzed pets to walk again with confidence and independence




    Portable - Our pet wheelchair is lightweight so that your pet can walk comfortably. It provides optimal and maximal versatility and comfort

    Application - Applicable for all types of pets with little to no activity of their hind legs. This wheelchair would help them to walk and step back naturally with confidence.

    Durable - Our dog wheelchair is made of high-quality aluminum & Stainless steel, sturdy, lightweight, compact, and durable. it can be used by your pet on rainy days without rusting.
    Other harnesses have soft wraps and adjustable length, your pet will feel comfortable. Moreover, it's very strong. After a long time, it won't be deformed.
    The wheels are silent during use and are very wear-resistant and can be used for many years.


    With the aid of our wheelchair, your pet will walk about and move just like a regular pet.




    .Wheel height adjustable
    .Lightweight (your best friend can walk comfortably)
    .Made of high-quality Aluminum & Stainless steel, sturdy, lightweight, compact, and durable
    .Easy to carry and store
    .will not affect the pet's excretion of feces and urine
    .The wheels are silent during use and are very wear-resistant and can be used for many years.
    .Safe Veterinarian Approved

    Easily disassembled and assembled





    Small dog wheelchair:
    .Width Range: (17 - 20cm / 6.7 - 7.9inch)
    .Height Range: (18.5 - 25cm / 7.30 - 9.84inch)
    .Length Range: (35 - 38cm / 13.8 - 15inch)

    Medium dog wheelchair
    .Width Range: (19 - 22cm / 7.5 - 8.7inch)
    .Height Range: (24 - 34.5cm / 9.45 - 13.6inch)
    .Length Range: (42 - 45cm / 16.5 - 17.7inch)

    Large dog wheelchair
    .Width Range: (20 - 23cm / 7.9 - 9.1inch)
    .Height Range: (32 - 41.5cm / 12.60 - 16.34inch)
    .Length Range: (46 - 49cm / 18.1 - 19.3inch)




    Package Content:

     1x Wheelchair for dogs