Keychain Digital Tire Pressure Gauge.

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    An indispensable item for a monthly tire inspection.

    - Measure at all times to ensure the correct pressure to improve fuel efficiency, environmental protection, gas-saving, and extend tire life.

    - Stop excessive tire wear with proper inflation and improve vehicle handling and safety.

    - With LCD digital display and function button, easy to read and operate.

    - 4 tire pressure units can be displayed: PSI, Kpa, Bar, Kg/cm².

    - Easy to carry, Keyring design. Very suitable for the needs of travelers and drivers.


    How it works:

    1. Place the nozzle of the gauge on the tire valve. Press firmly to ensure a good seal and prevent air from escaping.

    2. Keep the pressure gauge on the valve until the reading on the LCD is locked.

    3. Quickly remove the pressure gauge from the valve and read the pressure.

    4. To regain the reading, simply place the nozzle over the tire valve and repeat.


    - Material: ABS.

    - Power supply: 3V CR-2025 lithium battery (not included at the time of delivery).

    - Unit of measurement: PSI / Kpa / Bar / kg / cm².

    - Measuring range: 2-150psi or 0.15-10.0bar or 15-1000kPa or 0.15-10.0 kg /cm².


    Product Content:

    - 1 * Keychain Digital Tire Pressure Gauge (without battery)