36" Hand-Tuned Memorial Wind Chimes Deep Tone.

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    Listen to this Chime


    Superb Sound Quality

    Our beautiful Hand-Tuned Memorial Wind Chimes turn a quiet breeze into a soothing melody, which gently whispers their loving memory and comfort to you each day.

    Many reviewers tell us how well received our chimes have been to honor the memory of a special person or milestone.

    The sound is clearly pleasant. Just hand the wind chimes in your garden or patio and enjoy the melody this windchime brings to you!


    Durable Construction

    They were built to last for years in any climate.

    The wind catch is secured with durable and weather-resistant nylon string, while the actual chimes are built using corrosion-resistant anodized stainless aluminum.

    The whole wind chime measures 36" from the hanging ring to the bottom hanger. It is made of 5 different length tubes. The longest tube measures 11". The whole wind chimes transfer a sense of simplicity.


    Gift That Resonates

    Our Memorial Wind Chimes are a beautiful way to remember a loved one and bring peacefulness to any space. This memorial gift will be a perfect tribute.

    Memorial Sympathy Wind Chimes



    Material Metal
    Hand-tuned, Durable, heavy-duty nylon cording
    Heavy-duty design for all-season use
    Length 36" from hook to sail
    Tube measure 11"
    Including 5 tubes


    bronze garden tube metal wind chimes


    Package content:

    1 x Wind Chime
    5 x Tubes